25 Funny Cat Memes to Brighten Your Day

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Seriously, who doesn’t love a good cat meme? You honestly cannot stay in a bad mood when you see these, and that’s why we’ve spent hours slaving over a computer to bring you these delightful cats to uplift your day.

Whether they’re about the always entertaining cat behavior that goes on behind closed doors, mimicking human behavior, or are just straight up funny, cat memes always bring a smile to my face. If you’re ever having a rough day, I’m sure you’ll relate to some of these and they’ll help brighten your day.

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Cat Memes to Make You Smile

1. This cat feels my daily routine.

coffee cat meme

2. It’s happy hour somewhere!

friday cat meme

3. There’s never too many. Never.

too many books cat meme

4. I’m pretty sure my cat’s smarter than me, but I try not to let on.

smarter cat meme

5. Princess always gets served first in our house.

angry cat meme dinner

6. You can’t ignore that cute face, even when you’re supposed to be busy working.

cute cat meme

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7. Sometimes, it’s just too much.

cute cat meme

8. Do you have a dog and a cat? Cats always pretend to be aloof, but I’m not buying it.

dog and cat meme

9. Feeling like this today?

can't today cat meme

10. Don’t let that adorable face and act fool you. He’s up to something.

11. Sometimes, I also give zero f*cks.

follow your dreams cat meme

12. Hahaha….

mr. fluffy cat meme

13. When Sunday night rolls around…

trying to forget cat meme

14. Nothing distracts me from my food.

food dish cat meme

15. Why is it that my most productive time is in the middle of the night?

cute cat meme

16. Not the camera! Is nothing sacred?

don't call me precious cat meme

17. Yeah, I don’t do adulting well either.

have to adult cat meme

18. Leave it to Mrs. Fuzzleworth to give you the judgy eye.

judging you cat meme

19. If we don’t all feel like a grumpy cat once in a while, it’s just not real life.

grumpy cat meme

20. But we love them for it.

smooth boys cat meme

21. Always.

cuter than you cat meme

22. My cat never lets on when he’s done something wrong.

stay calm cat meme

23. 2020 panic purchasing was a cat’s dream

toilet paper cat meme

24. Nothing can stop the queen.

tired queen cat meme

25. It’s time to tear around the room like the crazy cat I am.

sheet changing cat meme

If these funny cat memes don’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will! You’ve gotta love the crazy antics that cats get up to, and the precious, priceless faces they make while doing it.

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