6 Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed

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An estimated 15% of the world population are allergic to cat hair and/or cat dander, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a cat if you’re in that 15%. A great solution is to get a cat breed that doesn’t shed and therefore will have neither lots of hair or dander.

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siamese cats

These cat breeds are sometimes called hypoallergenic breeds, because they trigger less of an allergic response in most people.

Unfortunately, there is only one breed of cat that truly doesn’t shed, because it is hairless. The rest on this list are cats that shed the least, or are breeds that are known to produce less of an allergic reaction, and therefore can be a great option for mildly allergic people.

This is the case with dogs too. There are some dog breeds that don’t shed as much and can be good for people with allergies.

Do keep in mind that no cat is completely non-allergenic. If you are allergic, but still want to have a cat, you might have to try living with a few different breeds to see how they affect you.

If you want to adopt a cat but are worried about allergy problems, ask your animal shelter if they allow a trial fostering period. That way you can make sure your feline companion will be a good fit before bringing them home for good.

Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed Much

Sphinx Cats

sphinx cat

Sphinx cats are the most recognizable on this list. They have absolutely no fur to speak of, and don’t shed at all. They’re perfect for cat lovers with intense allergies.

Many people think sphinx cats are ugly, which I find very upsetting. These graceful and loving cats deserve wonderful care and a great home. The cutest thing about them is that sometimes their skin has a spotted pattern of light and dark patches. It’s super unique and beautiful.

While the Sphinx doesn’t have allergen-laced fur to shed around the house, it can still be on their skin, so you will need to bathe your Sphinx or give them a sponge bath regularly to lessen the affect.

Cornish Rex

cornish rex

The Cornish Rex came into existence in the 1950’s in Cornwall, England. These cats only have a short woolly undercoat, and they don’t have the longer outer coat most cats do. They shed much less than a regular cat due to them lacking a normal overcoat.

Cornish Rexes have curly and/or wavy fur, making them look a bit like a carpet at times. They are gentle and intelligent animals, and are often described to be similar to dogs in their ability to be trained and their love for retrieving toys.

Devon Rex

cat breeds that don't shed- devon rex

A close relative to the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex is a short haired cat originating in Devonshire, England. This breed lacks the long outer coat of most cats, and only has a short inner coat. This means that they don’t shed as much as an typical cat.

Their lack of an outer coat gives them a distinct look, they are very lean and agile cats. Quiet and even-tempered, these kitties make a great pet for anyone.


bengal cat laying down

Bengal cats are a beautiful and hearty breed with a short, thick coat. These spotted companions are ideal for people wanting little shedding because their hair is so short and can be easily managed.

Knowns for their high energy and muscular build, Bengal cats make great pets and are super friendly felines.


siamese cat laying down

Regal and beautifully patterned, Siamese cats are a great option for anyone looking for a social and easily cared for cat. Their ultra-short coat is easily maintained with limited brushing involved and also they don’t shed a lot because of it.

Keep in mind that Siamese cats are extremely social. They love to talk, cuddle with their owner, and play. If you’re looking for a lap cat, they’re perfect. But they do need lots of attention, so remember that if you’re considering taking one home.


bombay cat

Bombay cats are elegant and sleek kitties. These all-black cats are bred to resemble the black leopard of India, and are absolutely stunning. Their short coat makes grooming easy and little shedding is involved.

These cats are intelligent, adventurous and friendly and make wonderful pets. They can be quite expensive because they are rare and highly sought after.

Conclusion on Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed

Regardless of your reasoning, having low maintenance cats can be a life-saver in busy households. This list of cats that shed very little is a great starting point to help you figure out which breed is right for you.


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cat breeds that don't shed

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