5 Homemade Cat Toys To Keep Your Kitty Happy

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Sometimes cats can be very easily amused. It’s not actually necessary to spend a lot of money on expensive toys for your cat, because they can be entertained by the simplest things. Don’t be surprised or offended if your cat is more interested in the packaging of the toy you just bought.

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cat in crumpled paper - homemade cat toys

We like to make homemade cat toys to keep our cat entertained, simply because he seems to like them better than the toys we bring home. If your cat is like that too, why not try to make one or more of these simple homemade cat toys for yours to play with.

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Paper Balls

paper balls

The simplest of things can be very amusing to cats. Take for example: paper balls. Gather a scrap of paper and crumple it up. Abra Cadabra, you just made your first cat toy.

 You can throw this to your cat and watch them chase it for hours. They will be fascinated by a piece of paper. They’ll love the way it just rolls around and they can’t seem to catch it.

These things are very popular with cats, and unlike balls with smooth surfaces, these things can roll in any direction and on floors, they tend to make a scratching noise that cats adore.

Old Socks

socks hanging on line

Yes, you read correctly: old socks. If you tie them in a knot the size of a mouse, you will have the perfect cat toy. When you give your cat a sock, make sure it’s from someone the cat really likes. Upon smelling you on it, they will be even more inclined to love it. 

Make it even more exciting by adding catnip to it. Your cat will chase this around for hours. You might even consider tying a string to the end and dragging it along the floor. The free toy will become an interactive free toy!

Socks are much better toys for cats than a ball of yarn or string, because they can’t become wrapped up in it. Read more about why string isn’t appropriate for cats.


empty pill bottle

To create a cylinder cat toy, there are two basic approaches. There are two types of cylinders: noisy and quiet. We all know from experience, most pets love things that make noise. 

Toys can be easily made from old pill bottles or empty plastic containers. Fill the bottle with rice or a few small pebbles to make it loud. Make sure the lid is securely closed if you do this. Using some type of non-toxic glue is best. 

If you’re looking for a way to make these using household items, you can use old paper towel rolls, toilet tissue rolls, or anything that has a cylinder shape. Your cats will roll it around for hours.


cat in empty box

Fact: cats love boxes. They love exploring them and claiming them as their own. Check the box of any new TV you bring home for your cat friends, as they are almost certainly inside. 

It seems that there is an invisible message written on boxes that only cats can see that says “VACANCY- FREE ROOM!” Cats seem to be attracted to boxes.

Once they get into their new home, they will jump out, jump back in, and then usually fall asleep. To them, you just brought home a palace. What a good servant you are. Later on, they will reward you by letting you pet them!


cat sniffing catnip

If your cat plays with anything that you can stuff with catnip, place a little in it. Socks, stockings, cylinders, make sachets and place them in boxes, corners, and kitty condos. Your cat will get a sniff of this and go nuts. They will be happy for hours. 

Please remember that catnip does not work on all cats. Usually they do not affect kittens and older cats, and some are just genetically immune to the effects of this mint. 

If nothing else, you can always make tea out of it and drink it yourself. Catnip tea is a great herbal tea for people. But if your cat does like catnip, don’t let her catch you stealing her catnip, or else it will be, “Off with your head!”


It really doesn’t have to be hard or expensive to keep your cat entertained. The last thing you want is an expensive toy bought for your kitty to be ignored, so just skip the unnecessary steps and get your cat a box. Better yet, use all five homemade cat toys and watch your cat explode with happiness.

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cat playing with socks

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