How To Choose The Right Cat Breed

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There are so many cat breeds to choose from when adopting a kitty. It can be daunting when trying to select a breed, but it all comes down to choosing what’s right for you, whether that’s because you need a cat that doesn’t shed or you love cats with blue eyes.

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If you’re not really sure what type of cat breed you might like, here are some tips that might lead you to choose the right cat breed for you.


The first thing you should consider is whether or not  you will be able to handle having a vocal cat. Some cat breeds can actually be quite noisy.

While many cat owners do not have a problem with these vocal breeds, as they realize their cats are just communicating with them, a loud cat can be a problem in an apartment situation.

Breeds that are very vocal are the Siamese Cat, the Korat, and the Burmese. The Scottish Fold, Somali, and the American Curl are considered to be very quiet cat breeds.


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You will want to think about whether you want a cat who is cuddly or if a more aloof breed is right for you. If you do not have a lot of free time, a cuddly cat who loves attention may be the wrong choice. 

However, affectionate cats are usually better with children than more reserved breeds. Some of the friendliest cat breeds are the Snowshoe, Abyssinian, Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Tonkinese, and the Himalayan Persian. Less sociable breeds are the Norwegian Forest Cat, the Nebelung, and the Russian Shorthair.

If you are looking for a cat who can amuse themself and will not get into constant mischief, then the Sphynx, Siamese, Rex, Balinese, and British Angora breeds may be a bad choice. These cats are very inquisitive and energetic. 

However, for someone who is homebound or has a lot of free time, these cats are a wonderful source of entertainment. In fact, the Rex is downright silly in his attempts to amuse those around him.

Long Haired vs. Short Haired

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While you are looking at what cat breed to adopt, don’t get so caught up in selecting the right temperament that you overlook other important features. One of the most important things to consider when you are looking for the right cat is whether you want a long haired or short haired breed. 

People who don’t have a lot of time to devote to a pet may want to opt for a short haired breed. Although that fuzzy ball of fluff may look adorable right now, grooming adult long haired cats can take up quite a lot of time. 

If you neglect your cat’s coat, it can tangle and matt up at an alarmingly fast rate, right down to their skin. Once this happens, your only option is to have them shaved completely, which can be quite traumatic. Also, your cat will probably have to be sedated before they can be shaved down, which poses a health risk.


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Unfortunately, there is only one breed of cat that truly doesn’t shed, because it is hairless, and that is the Sphinx cat. They have absolutely no fur to speak of, and don’t shed at all. If you’re allergic to the dander or fur of a cat, but want to get one anyway, a Sphinx might be the right breed for you.

There are other cats that shed very little and there are breeds that are known to produce less of an allergic reaction and therefore can be a great option for mildly allergic people. Read more about cat breeds that don’t shed.


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A lot of cat owners decide on what breed they like best based on the color of their fur or their eyes. Tabby cats, for instance. “Tabby” is not a breed of cat but a coat pattern with a distinctive ‘M’ shaped marking on its forehead, stripes by its eyes and across its cheeks, along its back, and around its legs and tail.

Calico cats are also often chosen because of their tri-color pattern, which is usually mostly white with large orange and black patches. Cats with blue eyes are appealing to many new cat owners, as are black cats and solid colored cats, as well as colorpoint cats that develop darker colors on their fur as they age.

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We hope that we’ve given you some ideas on the type of breed you’d like. Remember to do lots of research beforehand.


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