Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

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Sometimes cats get up to weird antics. And often that involves following their humans around tirelessly. But why are they doing that? We have all the answers to why your cat pal may be your shadow.

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cat following a person

My cat tends to follow me around a lot. Other than napping in the sun, following me is one of her favorite activities. It can be quite annoying if she decides to be a nuisance because she’ll be standing or laying down wherever I’m trying to go! She likes to be right in the way.

Stuff like that makes everyone wonder what she’s doing, and why she’s so interested in what I’m up to. Well, there are a few different reasons why your cat may be following you around.

Your Cat is Trying to get Your Attention

cat laying down

Cats can be very needy pets, and often when they follow you they are trying to get you to stop and play with them. When a cat follows you for attention, they will also be meowing and rubbing against your legs. Generally if you pick them up and give them some love, they’ll be happy as a clam and go back to whatever they were doing.

This tends to be the most common answer, at least in my experience. Cats absolutely love their people, and they really just want cuddles.

Your Cat is Curious

cat in cupboard

The saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’ is so true. Cats get themselves into all kinds of trouble just to see what’s going on. If your cat is following you, it might just be that they’re curious what you’re up to.

They may also be curious if you’re heading into a room they normally aren’t allowed into. Often times they will follow you to see if they’ll be let into a restricted space. Or even to get a peek at what they’ve been missing out on. Cats are curious and adventurous, so they may just be trying to get a wider view of life.

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They Need Something

cat with empty food bowl

If your cat is following you around, they may be out of something crucial. Check their food and water bowls to make sure that they have both of those. My cat knocks her food bowl off the shelf we have it on when she doesn’t have any food. But, I know lots of cats that will follow their owners when they’re out of food or water.

Your cat may also be trying to tell you that their litter box is full and needs to be cleaned. Occasionally when a cat’s litter gets too dirty they won’t want to use the box anymore. So check the status of their litter box.


There are a couple reasons your cat might be following you everywhere. It’s completely normal cat behavior, and is nothing to be worried about. Pay attention to their needs, and if you notice something is wrong try to fix is as soon as you can.


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