Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

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Cats seem to always be watching. It makes us wonder why does my cat stare at me all the time? Don’t let that intense stare worry you! While your cat might always be following you with their eyes, always waiting, and watching with an intense stare, there is always a pretty simple explanation.

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cat staring

It can be a bit creepy at times. Turning around to see your kitty on the floor across the room just watching with an intense stare. Most of the time that’s the only thing they’re doing. Simply watching. A little scary right?

Personally, I’m not super bothered by this behavior. Usually I just raise my eyebrows or wink at my cat and she goes back to whatever she was doing before. Though, making eye contact with a cat sometimes feels like someone is gazing deep inside your soul. I can see why some people are a bit put off by it.

A cat staring at you can mean a couple of different things, depending on the circumstance. Once you understand the normal triggers that will keep your cat’s gaze locked in on your, you’ll be able to understand and bond with them better.

3 Reasons Your Cat Stares at You

1. Your Cat Might be Hungry

cat stare food

Cats are ultimately driven by the same things as every other life form. Namely food. If your cat is starting at you, especially if they’re sitting next to their food bowl, it may be that they’re hungry.

Check their food dish to make sure that they have food if you free feed your cat. If you feed your cat on a schedule and they’ve begun staring at you it may be approaching feeding time. Or perhaps you forgot to feed them… Get on that!

2. Your Cat May Be Showing You Affection

cat staring

Is this how cats show affection? Yes, if your cat is giving you a long stare and is relaxed they are probably trying to tell you that they’re happy.

I also find that if you’re sitting down somewhere and they are sitting on the floor near you looking at you, they’re probably going to occupy your lap soon. Cats use a lot of different methods to try to get attention, and staring certainly is one of the ways they try.

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3. Your Cat is Curious

cat staring ready to pounce

If your cat starts watching you doing a task, they’re probably curious as to what you’re up to. They can hear what you’re doing, and maybe smell what you’re doing (cooking or something of the sort), but they can’t see exactly what your hands are doing. So they stare at your face, looking for clues.

In this situation they’d be trying to figure out what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. And also why you aren’t paying attention to them! You can ease your cat’s curious mind by showing him what your hands are doing. If you’re chopping vegetables, show him the vegetables.

cat staring


Your cat staring at you intently is completely normal. Usually it’s a good thing, they’re telling you that you’re their favorite human and are paying attention to you. Make sure your cat has everything they need, and then give them attention and pets.


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